Damascus Chef Knife VG10 Professional Kitchen Knife Cleaver Cooking Tool Exquisite Plum Rivet G10 Handle With Knives Cover

Damascus Chef Knife VG10 Professional Kitchen Knife Cleaver Cooking Tool Exquisite Plum Rivet G10 Handle With Knives Cover

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Product Description
[Quality Knife]-The Kitchen Chef Knife Is Made Of 67 Layers Of Damascus. The Steel Core Adopts Japanese Vg10, With High Sharpness, Corrosion Resistance, Rust Prevention And Toughness. Cutting The Core At 60 ± 2 Hrc Hardness Improves The Overall Ductility Of The Chef'S Knife.

[ Multi-Function Chef Knife Set] -It Is A Classification And Design Of A Multi-Function Knife, Suitable For Professional Application Of Multi-Function Knife For Cutting And Slicing. With Excellent Clarity, You Can Easily Cut Into Any Thin Meat And Vegetables. Professional Chef Knife To Ensure You Enjoy Your Cooking Time!

[Non-Slip G10 Handle]-The High-Quality G10 Handle Of The Chef'S Knife, Triple Riveted On The Handle, Has Higher Strength And Durability. The Ergonomic Shape Of The Handle Is Carefully Designed So That It Will Not Feel Tired And Uncomfortable Even If It Is Used For A Long Time, Which Is Very Suitable For People Who Often Cook Or Like The Kitchen.
[Exquisite And Beautiful]-The Fish Bone Pattern Of The Knife Is A Natural Pattern Of Damascus Steel. After Special Treatment, The Pattern Looks More Beautiful And More Upscale. With Superb Materials And Strict Workmanship, Our Craftsmen Play An Important Role In Polishing, Grinding And Edging. Make It A Masterpiece. When You First See This Set Of Knives, Its Luxurious Decoration Will Appeal To You.
[The Best Choice For Gift Giving]-The Knife Comes With A Beautiful Gift Box, And Each Knife Is Delivered With A Knife Cover. Suitable As A Gift For Friends And Family.

Knives Function Introduction
8 Inch Chef Knife-Modern Chef Knife Is A Versatile Knife That Can Perform Many Different Kitchen Tasks
7-Inch Cleaver-Involves A Variety Of Cutting Tasks With Good Tool Performance: Slicing, Shredding And Cutting
6 Inch Bone Knife-Used For Slaughter To Cut Bones And Bones, Cut Cartilage, Short Blades, Hard Texture, And Also For Cutting Meat.
5 Inch Utility Knife- Versatile, Smaller And Lighter Than A Chef'S Knife, But Larger Than A Paring Knife
3.5-Inch Paring Knife-This Is A Versatile Straight-Edge Multi-Purpose Knife. Due To Its Size, A Paring Knife Is A Great Tool For Any Food That Needs Attention To Detail.